Here are some things I am not supposed to do on my blog:
Write posts that are really, really long.
Use more than one font.
Provide recipes in paragraph/narrative style, rather than a list and easy-to-follow steps.
Blog about my blog.
Here are some things I am supposed to do on my blog:
Monetize it.
Subscribe to a bunch of blogs in hopes that those bloggers will subscribe to mine.
Take better photos.
Blog on a consistent basis.
What I've learned so far about my blog:
I do all the things I am not supposed to do.
I don't do any of the things I am supposed to do.
And now, I am about to do something that "The Google" tells me that bloggers should never, ever, ever do.
After less than one week of blogging, I am going to stop blogging for awhile.
Until April 24th to be exact.
I began this blogging adventure completely aware that of the fact that Lent was on its way. I was anticipating those words: Remember that you are dust; and to dust you shall return. Lent is my favorite season. Lent is the great equalizer. The long-ing. The Spring. The coming.

Lent means a lot of things for me, but one thing it surely means is quiet. During lent I try to get quiet. For those of you who know me well, quiet isn't exactly my thing. But I'll practice it. I'll try to let this quiet seep into my being.

If I were a pious observer of Lent I wouldn't be sharing my Lenten practices with the world and instead would keep them to myself. But I'm just not that pious. This year, Lent, for me, means going rogue. Email will be checked only as necessary. Facebook, Twitter, and all things web-like will be silenced. Doctor Who will have to wait. I'll refrain from cooking and let raw food do the trick for awhile. I'll eat less, sleep more, and sigh. I'll take as much of a break from the world as I can. I'll go walks, hide in books, and exist in all things lukewarm and dimly lit. I'll just be quiet. In all things quiet.

I'll just be waiting.

And I'll grow tired of waiting, of raw, of quiet.

Lent is honest. Lent is quiet. Lent is healing.  Lent helps me get ready, again.

Whoever you are, wherever you are: Remember that you are dust; and to dust you shall return. And it's going to be okay.

See you on April 24th. Until then, ♥hthr

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  1. I hope you have a fantastic Lent, Heather. Cannot wait to chat with you again. :)